Drug delivery at the speed of sound
Transforming the power of systemic therapeutics
UD2: A Drug Delivery Breakthrough

Sonopor’s ultrasonic drug delivery platform (UD2) delivers drugs directly into targeted tissues and pathogenic cells

Independent of blood supply
Bypasses the circulatory system
At higher local concentrations
With lower systemic exposure
The UD2 Magic

A proprietary integration of legacy technologies resulting in a fundamentally low-risk commercialization plan, the UD2 magic is in taking three ordinary components and making them extraordinary.

Using ultrasound equipment, leveraging the basic physics of sound waves and the phenomenon of cavitation, together with an antibiotic solution (a decades-old drug and saline), we’ve engineered a paradigm-shifting treatment for global infection challenges.
Clinical Proof of Concept

UD2 is simple, safe, effective and proven


UD2 procedures performed to date

Patients successfully treated for MRSA infections

Limbs saved from either scheduled or anticipated amputation

Different indications to date, treated successfully

Adverse side effects
Initial Focus: Infected Chronic Wounds

Increases in antibiotic resistance, coupled with the rapidly growing numbers of infections in areas of the body with compromised blood flow, have created an explosion in the number of infected chronic wounds which are difficult to treat or cannot be treated by traditional, systemic delivery of antibiotics.

UD2 represents a unique opportunity to treat infected chronic wounds, acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSIs), MRSA infections, infections in irradiated tissue, and many other expensive and personally damaging types of tissue-based infections for which there are presently limited solutions, or no real solutions at all.

Infections in Chronic Wounds

  • Affects 2% of US population, the same as heart failure
  • Impacts 15% of Medicare patients

Costs/Incidence of ABSSSIs

  • From 2000-2012, spend in U.S. tripled from $4.4B to $13.8B
  • Incidence increased 40% (2.4M to 3.3M)

Chronic Wound Costs

  • Medicare annual spend ranges from $28.1B-$31.7B
  • Cost to treat a single refractory wound often exceeds $100,000

Antibiotic Resistance Costs

  • Average cost to treat a single MRSA-infected patient is estimated to be $60,000
The Power of UD2 – Changing the MRSA Paradigm for Tissue-Based Infections

Annual hospitalized patients

Estimated annual deaths

Estimated treatment costs

MRSA is the leading cause of antibiotic resistance related deaths in the U.S. With UD2 making local, tailored antibiotic delivery possible, we create novel treatments for MRSA that truly shift the infection treatment paradigm for tissue-based infections.

In patients receiving UD2 treatment for MRSA, simple 10-minute procedures can result in complete resolution of infections, with no recurrence within a week of the procedure. This can save up to $420,000 per patient in overall cost of care.

About Sonopor

Sonopor has developed a simple, novel way to treat untreatable or otherwise difficult to treat infections with its UD2™️ Ultrasonic Drug Delivery Platform, combining a proprietary ultrasound system with subcutaneous, local delivery of existing antibiotics, creating new anti-infective treatments with therapeutic advantages and minimal side effects.

We invite investors and organizations to contact us at hello@sonopor.com for more detailed information.

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Experienced Team

Dr. Barry Silberg, F.A.C.S.
Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Inventor of UD2 system and method

David Nicolau, PharmD, FCCP, FIDSA
Member, Board of Directors, Scientific Advisor

Director of Center for Anti-Infective R&D, Coordinator for Research – Depts. of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease & Pharmacy, Hartford Hospital, CT

David Armstrong, PhD, DPM
Medical Advisor

Professor of Clinical Surgery at Univ. of Southern California, and founder/co-director of the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA)